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Easy2Network: Connecting businesses and entrepreneurs​

At Easy2Network, our goal is to connect, inspire and bring entrepreneurs together. We are dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs, professionals and expats in getting in touch with the right people to expand their business ventures.

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Strategic connections

We actively engage with other networking clubs and organizations.We not only host and organize our own small-scale events but also offer support in advising you and providing the framework for your own business event or work retreat. Within this scope we specialize in connecting you with the most fitting contacts, including potential speakers, to enhance the success of your event.

The power of intimate networking

We strongly believe in the power of intimate networking events, limited to a maximum of 10-15 participants. These kinds of events at unique locations in The Netherlands and Portugal (Cascais area) allow for more in-depth conversations where the participants can genuinely connect on a deeper level within a short time frame. There is time to have an honest dialogue about motivations, challenges and aspirations, allowing participants to ask questions and provide feedback.

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What's in it for me?

Empowering you by ensuring you have the right (business) connections

  • Start-ups in the Spotlight: 6 March 2024 (9:00 am – 12:00 am) – Albatroz hotel, Cascais, Portugal
  • Save the date: 3 June 2024 – Portugal
  • Business Portugal – The Netherlands: 3 October 2024 (time TBC) – Location TBC
Expand your network
  • Networking events: Organization and assistance in broadening your professional connections through tailored organized events and networking sessions.
  • Consulting and Advice: Expert guidance and recommendations for expats and foreigners navigating opportunities and connections within the Cascais area.
  • Collaborating: Get in touch with different network organizations worldwide.


Anneloes Geldermans & Cindy Jernberg

T: +31 6 101 00 781 or +31 6 43 44 14 30