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Easy2Network: Connecting you with businesses and entrepreneurs in Portugal

At Easy2Network, our goal is to connect, inspire and bring people together. We are dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs, professionals and expats in getting in touch with the right people to expand their business and personal ventures. Working with Easy2Network gives you the opportunity to find the ‘right match’ in a short and easy way in Portugal. Are you looking for:

  • business opportunities
  • local service providers (construction, education, health, real estate (investments) etc.)
  •  event opportunities

Give us a call and we can provide the contact you need! 

People connecting with each other over coffee
People connecting during an Easy2Network event

Strategic connections

Easy2Network has a strong network in the Cascais area and actively engages with other networking clubs and organizations in Portugal. In 2024 we became a member of the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Lisbon. We offer support in advising and connecting you with the contact you need. We also host and organize our own small-scale personalized events and Easy2Network can provide the framework for your own business event or work retreat. Within this scope we specialize in connecting you with the most fitting contacts, including potential speakers, to enhance the success of your event.

The power of intimate networking

We strongly believe in the power of one on one business contacts and intimate networking events with a maximum of 15 participants. We work together with unique locations in the Cascais area of Portugal such as the oldest 5 star hotel in Cascais. Our networking events focus on more in-depth conversations where the participants can genuinely connect on a deeper level within a short time frame. There is time to have an honest dialogue about motivations, challenges and aspirations, allowing participants to ask questions and provide feedback.

Cascais lighthouse
What's in it for me?

Empowering you by ensuring you have the right (business) connections

  • Start-up in the Spotlight:
    • Spring 2024 
    • Autumn 2024 
  • Themed events:
    • Focus groups 
    • Breakfast Breakouts
  • Business Portugal – the Netherlands: Autumn/Winter 2024
Find the 'right match'
  • Support, consulting and advice on finding the ‘right match’: Expert guidance and recommendations for entrepreneurs, professionals and expats navigating opportunities and connections in Portugal.
  • Small-scale networking events: Organization and assistance in broadening your professional connections through tailored organized events and networking sessions.
  • Collaborating: Get in touch with different network organizations.


Anneloes Geldermans & Cindy Jernberg

T: +31 6 101 00 781 or +31 6 43 44 14 30

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