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At Easy2Network, we believe in the power of connections. We’re all about making connections that are more than just professional ties – they are the drivers for genuine growth. Your business plays an important role in creating a better world and we are on a mission to unite entrepreneurs and professionals who share this belief.

Photo of Anneloes Geldermans Anneloes: “What makes a small-scale networking event special? When entrepreneurs really find the connection, both in content and on a personal level. When, in a short time, a kind of magic unfolds within the group, that prompts participants to share their best business stories, ideas, setbacks, dilemmas , challenges and successes. Discussing topics that matter, connecting with each other, inspiring, motivating and activating.”

Photo of Cindy JernbergCindy: “Are you missing a professional network that not only inspires but resonates? What matters most for us, is that the impact feels real, genuine, and creates a meaningful difference in your professional and/or personal journey. We want you to experience meaningful connections, aimed at sparking inspiration, sharing your achievements as well as  your challenges and getting you into action!”

Anneloes Geldermans is the owner of the company Bon Siman. Bon Siman provides strategic internal and external communications advice for companies in the private and public sector. Bon Siman also offers tailor-made mentoring and network programs and events for individuals, groups and companies in The Netherlands and in Portugal (Lisbon area). Connect with me on LinkedIn


Cindy Jernberg is the owner of the company forYOO.nl. I assist in optimizing and streamlining various aspects of your business. From daily (office) management, online marketing and process improvement, I offer advice and I can help you with the implementation. By creating overviews, optimizing processes and by using technology in a smarter way, I aim to improve the overall efficiency of your business. Connect with me on LinkedIn

Curious about our inspiration?

Having relocated to new countries multiple times ourselves, we understand the challenges that come with adjusting to a different environment, including diverse cultural backgrounds, unfamiliar rules, and obligations while in the meantime trying to find the right connections. Recognizing the positive impact of a strong network, we were inspired to set up Easy2Network – a networking service designed to assist professionals and entrepreneurs in building authentic relationships with fellow business owners, whether they are local or from abroad.

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